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Shakadang Trail and Xiaozuhuilu Trail


The Xiaozhuilu and Shakadang trails can be found fairly close to the entrance of the park  These scenic hikes are interlinked in a succession, with the end of Xiaozhuilu trail connecting to the beginning of Shakadang trail. The trails are fairly short and not too difficult, and the deep blue water of the Shakadang River can be enjoyed by any type of hiker. Even on a rainy day!


The beginning of Xiaozhuilu trail is found inside of Shakadang Tunnel. To enter, walk along the pedestrian path on the left side of the tunnel for about 330 meters and turn left into the ventilation tunnel to exit onto the trail. 


Xiaozhuilu trail is 650 meters in length ( less than half a mile) and includes many stairs and a small suspension bridge with a rope bridge beside it for the more adventurous. 


A large red and white bridge, Shakadang Bridge, marks the end of Xiaozhuilu trail and the beginning of Shakadang trail.

Shakadang trail is 4100m in length and is a little more challenging than Xiaozhuilu due to the longer length, although still very easy. 


Much of the trail is inset into a cliff, providing views of the spectacularly vibrant blue waters of Shakadang River and about two thirds in, the eye-catching striations of the cliff face and rocks along the edge of the river. The trail passes through an aboriginal village. It is prohibited to enter the village, but there are vendors that sell aboriginal food and Millet wine along a specific section of the trail. Although the aboriginal area is what the trail is known for, the beautiful blue water of Shakadang River was a personal highlight. 


The round trip time for these hikes combined is 3-4 hours, without breaks. But you will most definitely be stopping to take photos of the many magical views!