East Coast

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Breathtaking Landscapes run up and down the entire East coast of Taiwan with Hualien nestled in the perfect location to experience the beautiful and sometimes alien landscapes produced by millions of years of tectonic plate movement! From Hualien to the Beinan River, the East Coast includes coastal terraces, sandy and gravel beaches, reefs, islands, capes, and marine-erosion land formations such as marine benches, caves, and ditches.

Indigenous Cultures and Coastal History runs deep and enriches any experience on the Eastern coast. Because the narrow coastal terraces proved a fruitful space for settlements and paddy fields, the dramatic landscapes in Doulan and Chenggong areas have seen dozens of various ethnic groups settling on the land looking for a new home. From the Amis and the Siraya, to the Kavalan and the Sakiazya, and of course the Taiwanese and the Hakka, the East Coast has been home to many interesting and memorable people and events.

In recent years, with the rise of social and racial awareness, a younger generation of artists have gone back to the coast and rebuilt the beauty of their traditions. Although many of the traditions and rituals have been lost over time, the singing and dancing still flows with the unique cultural characteristics of the indigenous people, passed down from generation to generation.

Local Delicacies are a must-try while visiting Hualien! Because the Black Current dominates the Pacific Ocean flowing along Taiwan, seafood is king. From flying fish to swordfish, dorado to tuna, finfish to cod, abalone (usually only found in fish farms!) and squid are abundant along the coast and creates a delicious opportunity for seafood lovers! Aside from all the seafood, another must-try are the famous Buddha fruit, white pomelos, and Wentan pomelos grown in the Township of Fruit, Taitung.


Hualien Bay Happy Farm

Experience a connection to the earth at Happy Farm

The farm is 45 hectares in size. The farm has been planted with various flowers such as sunflowers, ginger lilies, lotus flowers, and wild-sage flowers. During the blooming season, the conglomeration of different flowers blossoms together, creating a beautiful scene. Throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall, this area is perfect for a picnic!


The 77 Heights

77 meters above sea level for a gorgeous view

The 77 Heights was originally a garrison control area of over 1000 meters in length! Walking to the second floor of the abandoned camp takes about 10 minutes, and from here you can take in the beautiful 360 degree view of Hualien below! This area is so named because its full height is 77 meters—the perfect height to take in the sea, the city, and the mountains.

Niushan Huting.jpg

Niushan Huting

Lush pasture and picturesque seascape

Shuilian is situated in the coastal area of Shoufeng Township in Hualien County. It is surrounded by verdant hills through which meanders the picturesque Shuilian River. To the south of Shuilian is Niushan, which is home to a rich variety of plants epitomizing the flora of the East Coast.

Dashibishan Trail.jpg


Climb high to view the breathtaking landscape!

Dashibi Mountain Trail is located in Ishizaki Seaside Recreation Area and is a total of 910 meters long. This hike consists mostly of stone stairs and gentle slopes and takes a total of about 1 hour. With enticing views at regular platforms and a trail lined with lilies, orange jasmine, and thorny scallion, this trail is perfect for hikers of every level and is kid-friendly!

Xinshe Terrace Paddies.jpg

Xinshe Terrace Paddies

A perfect melody of sea waves and rice waves

The Xinshe terrace paddies are the well-known “Sea Terrace Paddies.” Sea terrace paddies are full of charm no matter when you visit: any month and any season: during the time of rice seedling transplanting, before harvesting, or during the fallow time. What people love most is the time before harvesting, when the plump rice ears swing with the sea breeze in the sun. When walking in the fields and looking at the Coastal Range and the Pacific Ocean in the distance, you will feel like you are part of the scenery and that you just can’t bear to leave.

Image by Vern Ooi

Shimen Recreation Area

Sea-eroded treasures off the beaten path

Going a little northward from Shiti Port, you will reach Shimen Recreation Area. Compared to Shitiping, Shimen is smaller, but it’s the top choice for people who want to avoid crowds and watch the sea quietly. There are all kinds of sea-eroded spectacles here, all of which are powerful and stunning to watch. In one of them, the sea waves splash against a sea cave in the shape of a “March” automobile. If photography is for you, pictures taken here at different times, angles, light, or at different levels of the tide will yield one-of-a-kind pictures that feel like movie scenes!



View the dazzling blue of Hua-Tung

Shitiping is a huge area of coastal terraces. Its landscapes include the developed sea terrain, wave-cut platforms, uplifted coral reefs, sea trenches, and cliffs. The potholes, in particular, are one of Taiwan's Number one sites. Shitiping's coast is rich in coral reefs, tropical fish, intertidal zones and tide pools from potholes. A variety of seaweed, fish, shellfish and other marine life dwell here. Shitiping is a great place to observe intertidal ecology and an excellent place for diving. Shiti Level Ground has a well-equipped campground. Stay here and enjoy the sound of the waves on a starry night. It offers a wonderful experience.


Taitung Jin Gang Boulevard

Magnificent scenery hidden in the tribe

The Jin Gang Boulevard, which is located in the Changguang Tribe, Changbin Township, is part of the Zhongyong Bikeway. Both the views toward the sea or the mountain are breathtaking and unique to Taitung. There are orderly terraced paddies on both sides of the Boulevard, which are harvested once a year. Every June, you will be able to see the golden ears of rice swaying against the sea waves.



A natural stone sculpture park

Because of its landscape similar to that of the famous Yehliu, Xiaoyeliu, which faces the blue ocean to the east, has become one of the must-visit attractions in the coast of Taitung. Eroded by the sea waves constantly, the rocks of Xiaoyeliu are undulating like waves. In addition, there are cuesta, honeycomb rocks, turtle rocks, tofu rocks, and mushroom rocks. Besides taking photos of natural beautiful scenery, it is a worthy classroom for families to learn about geology.



The most popular destination on the East Coast

The first ray of the sun in Taiwan always hits Sanxiantai every morning. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the vastest ocean in the world, it has the powerful energy brought by the warm Kuroshio Current from the north of the equator. The East Coast of Taiwan is thus full of vitality. The arch bridge that spans the sea between Taiwan Island and Sanxiantai Island leads the visitors to the views of Sanxiantai. Walking on the arch bridge feels like crossing the ocean. The magnificent scenery makes people hesitate to leave.