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World Inn proudly presents our free self-guided cycling routes for those who want to explore the city in a different perspective.

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    Bike Tour to the Sakura (Zuo Cang) Trail & Some Nice Waterfalls

    The first sight on this bike ride: Tzu Chi University (慈濟大學). This University was founded by the Tzu Chi organization, a humanitarian non-governmental association, the largest Buddhist organization in Taiwan. It’s quite famous for its quality medical studies, which is also why it’s located nearby the Tzu Chi hospital. Read more...

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    Main Line Cycling Route

    Liangtan Bike Paths and Ji’an Township will be the best cycling routes as there are less cars. There are even some cycling only paths! You can feel the breeze of Hualien without disturbances here. Read more...

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    North Hualien Routes

    If you feel the main line (30K) is not enough, or just want to spend all day cycling, you can consider combining the North or South lines. Let's start with some information on the North line: Read more...

  • rift_shuttle2.jpg

    South Hualien Routes

    Cycling through South Hualien will bring you to Liyu Lake and ZhiHue Organic Farm. Both are surrounded by mountains, which will make your cycling journey pleasantly peaceful. Read more...

  • taroko.jpg

    Other Cycling Routes

    Nothing compares to cycling this world-class scenic gorge. Not to mention the secret hot spring that awaits your weary legs at the top of the climb. Read more...

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