The Road to Taroko


Taroko National Park is an easy 40-minute ride from World Inn. This park has something for everyone - from waterfalls to rivers, hiking trails to temples, wildlife and the gorge viewpoint. A day in Taroko can be as casual or as active as you like. The cheapest and most economical way to Taroko is by public bus. Another popular option is to rent a scooter, but please note you will need an international license.


By Scooter

For your convenience, we offer scooter rental at World Inn for $450-600/day. Just let the receptionist know you would like to rent one for the day and they will gladly help assist you.


By Bus

The bus serves as a shuttle and operates a round trip ride from Hualien Station to Tianxiang. The orange bus station is located right next to Hualien station and can be reached in 5 minutes by foot from World Inn. A day pass bus ticket to Taroko can be purchased inside the orange bus station, but you can skip this step if you prefer to use your Taiwan Easy Card. The bus takes you on a scenic route along the coast, with the first stop at Qixingtan Beach. We recommend that you begin your journey at the Taroko Visitor Center. It is also a good place to stop for food and for a toilet break.


Taroko is over 92000 hectares / 920 square kilometers and has 12 trails open to the public. We’ve spent a lot of time hiking through the park and have compiled a list of our 8 favorite trails that are easily accessible via the bus route.

  • shak1.jpg

    Shakadang Trail and Xiaozuhuilu Trail

    The Xiaozhuilu and Shakadang trails can be found fairly close to the entrance of the park. These scenic hikes are interlinked in a succession, with the end of Xiaozhuilu trail connecting to the beginning of Shakadang trail. The trails are fairly short and not too difficult, and the deep blue water of the Shakadang River can be enjoyed by any type of hiker. Even on a rainy day! Read more...

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    Swallow Grotto / Yanzikou Trail

    The Swallow Grotto - or Yanzikou - trail is an easy 710-meter walk offering spectacular views of the rock formations, the Liwu River, and, very often, swallows!


    The Pacific Swallow (hirundo tahitica) that lives in the gorge area nests in the naturally-formed pot-holes in the cliff face and can be seen year-round. Read more...

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    Buluowan is a scenic spot in the Taroko Recreation Area.

    It is divided into Upper Terrace and Lower Terrace. You can walk on a trail to visit the river valley from the Lower Terrace. Then you can proceed to the service station, exhibition halls and Idas (meaning moon in the Taroko tribe language) Hall see both the arts and crafts of the Taroko Tribe and multimedia presentations. Read more...

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    Zhuilu Old Road Trail

    & Permit Application Process

    Zhuilu Old Trail road is one of the most beautiful hikes in all of Taiwan. The trail takes visitors on a suspension bridge over the gorge, through lush forests and leads up to the Cliff Outpost, a narrow terrace trail with a spectacular view of Swallow Grotto and the surrounding mountains. While more difficult than other trails in the park, this trail should be on every hiker’s Taroko to-do list. A permit must be obtained before entry in order to ensure hiker safety as well as reduce their impact on the environment. Read more...

  • iushiu4.jpeg

    Lushui Trail 

    Note: as of March 2020, the trail is partially open.  Click for more details. The 2 km Lushui Trail is rated for beginners and offers an easy, enjoyable, and family-friendly hike through beautiful scenery, foliage, and offers some history of the gorge.


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    Tianxiang and Xiangde Temple

    Tianxiang is the perfect place to see the 7-story high Tian Feng Pagoda, Xiangde Temple, Daxiong Baodian temple, and White Robed Guanyin Statue. Many of these beautiful elements can also be seen from the main road but I suggest crossing the Pudu suspension bridge and climbing the stairs until to get a unique view of the panorama.


  • baiyang3.jpg

    Baiyang Trail

    The most scenic spot is the waterfall that you can see during the trail, which will take you to the last tunnel. Here you’ll find crystalline water, with the mix of the grey and the brown rocks creating an exceptional color that will leave you speechless. Read more...


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