World Inn Cycling Route: South Line

Liyu Lake

The Liyu Pond used to have abundant carps in its 104 hectares area. It is the largest inland freshwater lake in Hualien. Surrounded by mountains, the Liyu Pond is tranquil and peaceful. Tourists can sail on boats to appreciate the beauty of nature. The tour track around the lake is 4 kilometers long and tourists can either walk or ride bicycles along the track.


ZhiXue Organic Farm

On the other side of Liyu mountain, ZhiXue Organic Farm is the other spot of the South Line. Not as famous as Liyu lake for tourism, It’s however more relaxing when you ride in this area, mostly due to its lack of pollution from chemical pesticides and the very few buildings and traffic.

The organic farm began with some farmers. They rented it from TSC(Taiwan Sugar Corporation) in 2000, and decided to change it into an organic farm. It’s always a big challenge to be organic, not to mention the crisis with TSC wanting to take back the land afterwards. Therefore, when enjoying the nature environment around here, don’t forget to keep the hard work of these groups of people in mind.