Rift Valley 193 Route

We created the route from Google map with more details for you:

Route information

Duration: 10h (Cycling including lunch) + 1h47m (Train)

Distance: 110km (one way) 

Ascent: 900m, Descent 780m



The beginning of country road 193 is always up and down. However, it’s higher so you can enjoy the view of valley.

The route goes back to Fenglin township, the slow city (citta slow), to taste the slow food and life here.

Lunch can be in Ruisui or Fuyuan (more details on the Google map).

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    East Rift Valley by Shuttle

    If you have more than 2 full days in Hualien, you can arrange the other day in East Rift Valley except for Taroko Gorge that we mentioned earlier.

    The East Rift Valley locates among Central mountain range and Coast mountain range. It isn’t only famous for its country scenery, but also for its diversity of culture from Hakkanese、Japanese and Indigenous people.

    Read more..

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    Rift Valley by Car/Scooter

    We showed you how to travel in East Rift Valley by Taiwan Tourist Shuttle; however, if you can ride a scooter or drive a car, it will be more flexible and easily to explore.

    County road 193 and Yuli Town will be the main difference from the itinerary of the Shuttle. The attraction of them are not from any single scenic spot. Instead, you will definitely enjoy the experience of whole road and town. Read more...

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