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Uri and Chen

Uri and Chen from Jerusalem, Israel (meaning “Grace,” in Hebrew - not the Chinese “Chen”). While on a honeymoon in Taiwan they arrived in Hualien, found us near the station and were curious to sit down and visit. While visiting, we introduced them to the design concept of travel which is highlighted at The World Inn - the natural style, natural materials, the Taiwan table, and the interior decor - such as the handmade rattan lampshades and the earth wall that we helped create, etc.

As they liked the interior design style of The World Inn and the relaxed social atmosphere on the first floor, they chose to stay for two nights. They are honeymooning for five weeks in Taiwan for an extended tour. They have traveled all the way around the country and have camped in Hualien and after their stay with us will go to Xueba National Park and Wuling.

Taiwan was chosen by Uri and Chen as their honeymoon destination - and for an extended trip - due to its natural environment and culture. Uri, (meaning “light” in Hebrew), is currently studying at the Institute of Physics in Jerusalem, needs to spend some time every day reading. Therefore, he needs a quiet, internet-accessible space in which to study, and Taiwan has an excellent internet infrastructure. He particularly liked to study at the comfortable Taiwan table on our first floor. Chen would study, too, as she recently completed her medical training and is about to start her residency after the trip.

Uri and Chen liked staying at World Inn and wish they could have stayed longer, but their planned itinerary had already been arranged. They were particularly amazed by their thick and comfortable mattress! After the first night, Chen asked us several times about the brand of the mattress and wanted to know if they could buy the brand after returning to Israel.

Have you experienced the thick mattresses at World Inn? We hope to welcome you soon!

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