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Up above Hualien in an Ultralight

I had the great opportunity to try a flight in an ultralight plane and am SO glad I did! World Inn offers flights through a wonderful company just south of the city. The views of the mountains, farms, and river to the ocean were unbelievable!

I had a few concerns as I'd never done something like this before:

1. Would it be rocky and make me nauseous? NO - the flight was very stable, even though it was a bit windy;

2. Would the landing be scary? NO - I've hit the ground harder on a bicycle going through a pothole. I barely realized we had landed;

3. Would I be able to get good photos with my cel phone? What if I dropped it?? The trip includes a camera on a selfie-stick and your flight is recorded every 5 seconds and then downloaded or emailed to you as you prefer.

So, I just crossed off an item from my bucket list that I didn't even know I had on there!