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Theme 3 - 77 Heights of the Golden Triangle

If you ask me to choose the best panoramic view of Hualien, the 77 Heights is my first choice. Along with offering a 360-degree panorama of the city, it’s also a good place to learn about the origins of Hualien.

Hualien Panorama

According to the Hualien Tourism Information website:

Under Qing rule, entry to the mountains was barred, and so few Han Chinese ventured to Hualien. It is said that during the Jiaqing Emperor’s rule in the late 18th century, development on Taiwan’s west coast was approaching saturation, which brought about the first wave of immigrants to the mouth of the Hualien River. When these Han Chinese immigrants saw the surging waters of Hualien River rolling into the ocean, mixing with the Pacific Kuroshio Current and clashing against the coastal terrain, they named the area “Huilan, churning waves”. 77 heights is the perfect way to understand the name "洄澜’ (whay lan) - “churning waves.”

I often think that if most of the Hualien River had not been diverted by the Xiugu River, the water volume of the entire Rift Valley would be very different, and the photos taken here even more amazing!

Shooting Tips:

1. Time - 77 Heights offers photo opportunities all day long. It’s beautiful to watch the sunrise here, and in the mornings the sun shines on the people in the shot and the Central Mountains. In the afternoon, there is a chance to see beams of light breaking through the clouds. The night view is also excellent - the dark blue of the sky after sunset is the best background for the city lights in Hualien City and Ji'an Township.

2. Equipment: A tripod is required, especially when using a wide-angle or panoramic device. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent are also needed.

3. Vehicles and routes: Using a scooter is not recommended); driving (parking is available at the entrance). At the entrance, there are two roads, be sure to take the smaller one.

Rating (out of 10 points)

Traffic Access: 7 points

Picture presentation: 10 points

Uniqueness: 10 points

Overall rating 9 points