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Theme 1 - The Panoramic Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is made up of three major points that delineate the triangle formed by the city of Hualien. The first point on the triangle is 48 Highlands - the nearest and most popular. As the name suggests, the altitude is about 48 meters high.

This photography site features:

Landscape - the beautiful meeting of the mountains and the sea. The towering central mountain stretches down to meet the world's largest ocean at the end of the Crescent Bay, and ends at the clear water cliff and the Suhua Road.

Crescent Bay

Character: as the background is the blue sea, it can be strengthened with a longer lens - or jumping is also an interesting attempt!

Time-lapse photography: as the surf is not very strong here, the theme can be better focused on the mountains and clouds. However, due to strong winds and many visitors, it is not advised to shoot time-lapse photography here.

Shooting Tips:

Morning is recommended as the best time for shooting as the 48 Highlands sit to the northwest. A tripod can be used and the long lens is also suitable. There is no shelter at the site so sun protection is recommended.

48th Highlands Rating (out of 10 points)

Traffic Access: 9 points

Picture presentation: 8 points

Uniqueness: 6 points

Overall rating: 7.67