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Theme 2 - Maple Forest (Fenglin) Trail in the Golden Triangle

Our second location on the Golden Triangle - the Maple Forest Trail - has the highest altitude in the Golden Triangle, but it is the easiest to reach.

Fenglin Trail is located in Ji’an Township, not far from the Japanese temple, ‘Keishuin’. When shooting a night scene, looking out from the observation deck you’ll have a view of the lights on the right side of Ji'an Township.

Afternoons are also suggested as shooting times when the sun illuminates the eastern panorama. The northernmost point of the viewpoint overlooks Qixingtan, Hualien City, and Ji'an Township; and the southernmost, the coastal mountains of Shoufeng Township and Hualien River Valley. After about three o'clock, the shadow of the Central Mountain Range will gradually fall into the field of vision, so don't come too late!

Shooting Tips:

1. Time: afternoon, night, or sunrise;

2. Equipment: A tripod is not necessary as the viewing platform itself can support the camera. We recommend using a zoom or telephoto lens;

3. Vehicles and routes: Cycling, driving (there is no parking so you need to turn off the roadside). There are multiple viewing platforms, but this map shows the most open view in my opinion;

(insert map here)

4. Reminder: There are mosquitoes on the mountain side, long sleeves or insect repellent is needed! Sometimes, there are many young people gathering in the evening.

Maple Forest /Fenglin Trail General Rating( out of 10 points)

Traffic Access: 10 points

Picture presentation: 7 points

Uniqueness: 6 points

Over-all rating: 6.3