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Nowadays, the hustle and bustle of life makes people forget their missions, their beginnings, their original intentions, and themselves.


When I left Taipei and started a new life in Hualien I started to discover myself.

Le Radici in Italian means “the roots”. Roots are associated with plants, origins, growth, and the infinite. And it also means “family” in Italian. The main reason I came to Hualien was due to my family. In Chinese, the  name of my cafe is 「秀麗」(HSIU LI), “my Mom”, “my roots.”


Three years ago, I quit my job in Taipei and at the same time, my sister Una and her then boyfriend (now husband), Aga,  just started their hostel business, so I came to Hualien to help them. Three months later, I decided to move here. A new life starts, I always rode a bike to explore the city. One day, I passed by 半寓 (my neighbor had suggested the cafe as it is quite famous for home roasting coffee). I ordered Colombia pour-over coffee which I thought would be nutty and chocolaty. But the coffee was very fruity! We began talking and talking and I ended up working there for more than 2 years. I am very lucky to meet the owner of 半寓 and GIOCARE. I matured, changed, and grew new roots.


I will keep making coffee - that’s Le Radici, my life.