East Rift Valley (By Car or Scooter)

While you can travel the East Rift Valley with the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, it can be more flexible and easy to explore by car or scooter.

County road 193 and Yuli Town will be the main differences from the itinerary of the Shuttle. Their attraction don't come from any single scenic spot. Instead, you will definitely enjoy the experience of the whole road and town.

Road 193 is the longest county road (110 kilometers) in Taiwan. It’s also one of the favorite roads for cyclists and scooter riders for 2 reasons. Compared to the main road of Hualien (Provincial Highway №9), it’s smaller and curved, which means you need to drive slowly. As a result, it has less traffic so you can really enjoy the ride.

The second reason is the wonderful view the of rice paddies beside the road, with the best view being from Ruisui town to Yuli town. You can see the amber waves of rice from the end of May to June or from the end of October to November. Here are some pictures for you:


Yuli town is famous for delicious food like Yuli noodles and stinky tofu. This food stall (玉里橋頭臭豆腐) has our favorite stinky tofu in the whole of Taiwan. Also, from Yuli, you can go to Antong Hot spring in winter or be stunned by the orange lily flower sea at Chike mountain or at Liushishi Mountain in summer.


It is too much to write down all the details about the attractions of East Rift Valley. Therefore I’ve designed one Day tour itinerary for you. You can have it all with just one click: