Other Cycling Day Tours

Asides from the World Inn Route in Hualien city, there are other, impressive cycling routes throughout the county. This article will show you some of the routes we've tried before:


Taroko Gorge Route

Nothing compares to cycling this world-class, scenic gorge. 

Duration: 7'~8' (including Breakfast & Lunch)

Distance: one way 50km

There: ascent: 1710m, descent: 1100m

Back: ascent 890m, descent 1500m

Reminder: The earlier you start, the less cars in the gorge, which means you can have the better experience(We started at 6 in the morning). Wenshan Hot Spring is unfortunately forbidden of entry now.


Rift Valley 193 Route


Country road 193 goes along with the Coast Mountain Range, so it’s curved and there is less traffic here. Therefore, it’s perfect for cyclists. For the foodie with the refined palette: you can find the most delicious stinky tofu in Hualien along this route.  However, the vendor is closed on weekends.

Duration: 10h (Cycling including lunch) + 1h 47m(Train)

Distance: 110km (one way)

Ascent: 900 m,Descent: 780 m。

Reminder: The last local train you can take the bike on will leave at 17:08.


Suhua Highway Route

Cingshuei Cliff is the most beautiful attraction of the Suhua Highway, although the long tunnel leading to the cliff can be daunting, you will be rewarded with an extraordinary view, and will be close to the Aohua waterfall hidden in the forest at the end of journey.

Duration: 3'~4'(Cycling) + 1'~2'(Waterfall) + 39"(Train)

Distance: 49,7 km (one way)

Ascent: 1120 m, descent 1050m

Reminder: Since it’s dangerous to ride along Suhua road on rainy days, we recommend that one avoid riding this route when the weather shows signs of rain. The trek to Aohua Waterfall will take about 15", and it‘s safer to bring a life jacket if you want to swim under the waterfall. The last train can take you and your bike before sunset; the last train leaving Hoping station is at 17:07 - so plan accordingly!