World Inn Cycling Route: North Line

If you feel the main line(30K) is not enough, or just want to spend all day cycling, you can consider combining the South line with it. Let's start off with the North Line:

The Pacific ocean will be the main attraction of the North line, especially with the bike-way along the coast. You can enjoy the ride without being disturbed by other cars or scooters. Our favorite part is just before the stinky Environmental park, where you will sometimes even see some people go surfing.


We've already written the article on 48 Highland and the Ocean (Chihsingtan) before. This time we want to show you something in the ocean:

Set Net Fishing Ground

It’s a relatively environmental friendly fishing method. We're always joking that it will only catch the stupid fish. The video can show you how.


16 Shares is the old name for the village which has the most beautiful paddy field near Hualien city. It’s the first immigration village settled by Chinese people in eastern Taiwan in 1851.