Cycling Route - Main Line

We choose some bike path from Liangtan Bike Path and 2 bike paths in Ji’an Township because there are less cars and some parts are even open for cycling only. You can feel the breeze of Hualien without disturb there.


Cultural sightseeing spots are based from religion. The first is Qingxiu Yuan, the most well-preserved Japanese temple in Taiwan. If you are interested on the the Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan, they collected and consecrated smaller replica statues of the deities of the eighty-eight temples and transported them back to Qingxui Yuan. Know more


We also arrange another important local religion spot for you: Sheng-An temple. It is the headquarter of Lady Queen Mother of the West from Taoism in Taiwan. Compared to other temples, there are more introductions and signs for the guest, especially perfect for foreigners.

Natural sightseeing spots are always aside when you ride from Central mountain range to Pacific ocean. We recommend Hualien Bay Happy Farm. Here is the place where Hualien river goes to Pacific ocean. The best time to visit here is nightfall thus you can see the fantastic view of Central mountain range. If you have more time and energy, you can slao go to the panoramic view point just near the main route like 77 high land and Maple trail.