East Coast (By Shuttle)

For a day along the coast by bus/shuttle, there are two easy options! For a self-guided trip, taking the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to your destinations is the option for you! Be aware that this shuttle has only two departure times (8:30 AM and 10:00 AM) from the Hualien Station Visitor Center and two return times from the furthest destination back to Hualien Station Visitor Center (16:25 PM and 16:50 PM). Keep your eye on the time but don’t forget to also have fun!


For a day along the coast with a slightly more guided itinerary, World Inn can help visitors book a tour with the Hopeland bus company. This is a good option for those less familiar with Taiwan or those looking for a more guided experience! This option requires that at least 4 people have booked the tour for the day—an excellent opportunity for you and your friends or to meet some new ones!

P.S. Always prepare the mosquito spray when you wan to go out in Hualien.

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