East Rift Valley (By Shuttle)

If you have more than 2 full days in Hualien, you can arrange the other day in East Rift Valley except for Taroko Gorge that we mentioned earlier.

The East Rift Valley locates among Central mountain range and Coast mountain range. It isn’t only famous for its country scenery, but also for its diversity of culture from Hakkanese、Japanese and Indigenous people.

The public transportation is Taiwan Tourist Shuttle. If you don’t want to spent too much time on planing, here is the day tour itinerary for you:

08:40 Hualien Rail Station - 08:53 Cingsio Temple

Cingsio Temple - Japanese temple. The entrance fee is 30NTD.


10:03 Cingsio Temple-10:23 South Liyu lake recreation area

Liyu Lake - Biggest lake in Hualien. Walk around or rent a boat.


11:23 South Liyu lake recreation area - 11:57 Fenglin Station

Fenglin City - Hakka obacco barns and restaurant for lunch


13:17 Fenglin Station - 13:24 Lintian Mountain Forestry Center

Visiting Lintian Mountain and have a cup of coffee.


14:44 Lintian Mountain Forestry Center - 15:12 Danongdafu Forest park

Cycling in the flat bike path and enjoy the landscape.


16:40 or 17:40 Danongdafu Forest Park - Hualien station (Duration: 1h38m)

PS. Always prepare the mosquito spray when you wan to go out in Hualien.


You can download the timetables HERE