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The Baiyang Trail & Waterfall

The last trail is also our best trail. We highly recommended you visiting Baiyang Trail because of the beautiful waterfall and water curtain cave that lies at the very end of the trail, but be warned that you will  have to enter a few dark tunnels along the way. Note: the bus does not take you there so you will have to walk by feet for about 40 minutes.

The Baiyang trail is easily reachable by car or by scooter. If instead, you prefer to take the bus (No. 1133), get off at the last stop (Tinxiang) and walk. At 2.1km in length, the trail is a scenic route that takes around one hour from the entrance to the water curtain cave.


The original route must be taken back to the main road as there are eight tunnels along the trail. Please note that the use of flashlight is recommended.


The most scenic spot is the waterfall that you can see during the trail, which will take you to the last tunnel. Here you’ll find crystalline water with the mix of the grey and the brown rocks, creating an exceptional color that will leave you speechless. During the trail you will come across the Banyan suspension bridge; crossing it will make you feel suspended in nature as you enjoy a breathtaking view. At the end of the bridge, there is a spacious terrace where you can take beautiful pictures.


After this "instagrammable" moment, follow the "cave water curtain" arrow to see one of the amazing caves ever. This special sight was created by spring waters gushing from the cracks in the rocks on the ceiling of the tunnel so it will be like being inside a huge waterfall.  Don’t be afraid - wear your rain poncho, take off your shoes, and immerse your feet in cold water, smile and enjoy this amazing experience!