• The World Inn Logo

    Our logo represents our philosophy and reflects our ideas behind the dream of World Inn.


    Our logo has three different meanings. It consists of three different symbols, connected as one to create exactly what our hostel is all about. The symbol within the circle is a chinese character showing a two floor building, the character is in the circle, meaning that our hostel is within the globe, a place to stay while you travel the world. Outside of the circle, on the top right, there is a ‘2’. Together with the circle it represents the oxygen symbol ‘O2’, meaning our hostel is a place where you can come and recharge. Lastly, the ‘2’ on the outside is also a ‘z’, showing that our hostel is also a place where you can catch a good sleep (zzz)! 

  • Our Story

    In 2015 we made our dream to own a hostel come true.

    We created ‘World Inn’, inspired by our two passions: to travel the whole world and to welcome travelers from all over the globe to explore our beautiful country with us.


    This way, even while we’re not traveling, we’re still able to get to know people from different countries, their stories, and their individual cultures.

    Meanwhile, we moved to a new location, because our dreams are evolving and we’re on a mission to grow. Now we have space for even more guests and we opened our very own World Inn coffee shop. We serve freshly ground coffee and homemade cakes, using ingredients sourced from the surrounding farmland of Hualien.

    It’s a hub for travelers and locals to meet, exchange stories, make new friends, take a relaxing break from their adventures and recharge for their next ones.

  • Hostel Design

    When designing our hostel, we were inspired by unique cities around the globe. 

    On the first floor we have our international coffee shop and comfortable common area, completed with our handcrafted Taiwan-shaped table.

    The second and third floor are the dorm rooms. Each room named after a different continent; we don’t number our beds here, every bed is based on a different city.
    On the third and fourth floor we have our private rooms, which are dedicated to different continents or cities.


    Also on the third floor are our private rooms with shared bathroom facilities. These rooms provide more privacy and ensures no disturbances in the night which may come from sharing a dorm.


    The  fourth floor contains our private en-suite rooms, which are dedicated to different continents or cities. The entire floor is private from the rest of the building, providing you with a little private luxury.

  • Our Team

    We are here to make your stay the best that it can be!

  • Work with us!

    We are always trying to give people a clean and comfortable place to stay. We also strive to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere so that each traveler can enjoy their time in Hualien. We are seeking general maintenance, help in the hostel and with guests, art projects, and help with computers/internet. Duties are negotiable, so feel free to let us know if there is something you're especially interested in! Read some reviews from former helpers here.

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